Dr. Mark Schlotterback, a board certified family practitioner, has been practicing medicine for over a decade. Dr. Schlotterback earned his MD from University of Kansas Medical Center. After completion, he began his residency program at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix. Shortly after completing his residency, Dr. Schlotterback joined Gilbert Center for Family Medicine. Dr. Schlotterback comes from a long line of family of physicians beginning with his father who was a primary care physician in a small town in Kansas. Dr. Schlotterback has two children, Lexi and Luke who reside with him in Tempe. Dr. Schlotterback is an avid athlete who added the completion of the 2008 Iron Man Race to his list of accomplishments. Being the family doctor that he is, he finished this race while taking week-end call for the practice!

Phone: 480-539-8680

What Patients Are Saying

The visit went well. Sunildutt is one great Doctor and am very lucky to have to have him the staff is just as good thanks all of you

Ramiro Hernandez

Love and appreciate everyone from the receptionists, the nurse who takes all preliminary vitals, and mostly our Primary doctor Dr Jaclyn Brown.

Robert Carlisle

Dr. Sunny did not disappoint. Have seen him before and was impressed that first visit. He’s a no nonsense kinda doctor. He works fast but so efficient. He did not rush me through my issue and showed me how to treat myself at home and felt confident with his advice. And it worked He even noticed conditions I had without me even in to address those issues. He always has an assistant to take the notes of the appointment which allows him to put his full attention on the patient. Brilliant use of time for patient advocacy.

Gina Fransinsconi

I was called back in a timely manner, assessed, and prescribed a medication for my shingles.

Shannon Wright

The lab technician is amazing, he is incredibly efficient. This makes such a difference to people, and it is appreciated.

Bethany Gager

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