Retinal Vue – Retinal Scan:

Retinal scanning is one of the most well-known bio metric technologies. Retinal scans map the unique patterns of a person’s retina. The blood vessels within the retina absorb light more readily than the surrounding tissue and are easily identified with appropriate lighting.

A retinal scan is performed by casting an unperceived beam of low-energy infrared light into a person’s eye as they look through the scanner’s eyepiece. This beam of light traces a standardised path on the retina.

Once the scanner device captures a retinal image, specialised software compiles the unique features of the network of retinal blood vessels into a template. Retinal scan algorithms require a high-quality image and will not let a user enrol or verify until the system is able to capture an image of sufficient quality. The retina template generated is typically one of the smallest of any bio metric technology.


  • Retinal scan devices are mainly used for physical access applications and are usually used in environments requiring exceptionally high degrees of security and accountability such as high-level government, military, and corrections applications.
  • Retinal scanning is also used for medical diagnostic applications. Examining the eyes using retinal scanning can aid in diagnosing chronic health conditions such as congestive heart failure and atherosclerosis.

Retinal Scanning Advantages:

  • Less tampered: Since iris is inside our body chances of tampering is very less.
  • Less chances of theft since it is always inside your body.
  • High accuracy: error rate is one in million
  • Speedy results: Identity of the subject is verified very quickly.
  • They do not require as much computer memory as other bio-metrics like fingerprint scan, voice recognition etc.

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